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Missed Court Date

FAQ: What if the person I bail out misses his court date?

When a defendant misses a court date it is called a “failure to appear” (also termed FTA). Any missed court date results in a warrant for the individual’s arrest.

However, if the missed court date was a simple mistake, then arrangements can be made by the bondsman or attorney to reinstate a bail bond and get back on the court calendar. This is a very simple proceedure.

If the defendant intentionally skips the court date and flees jurisdiction, then you and the bondsman have generally six months to get the defendant back into court. The only real problems arise when someone is unwilling to go to court and hiding or fleeing. Nation-wide this happens in less than 2% of cases. If the defendant cannot be located and returned to court, the bail contract signer will be held liable for repaying the court costs and fees, including repaying the full bail amount.

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Updated:  03/31/2012