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Not To Bail Out?

FAQ: What will happen if I don’t bail the person out?

Not bailing out of jail is certainly an option. If you elect not to bail the individual out of jail, the defendant will remain in custody until the case has been settled in court. In some instances, the judge may release the defendant on his or her own recognizance (OR). The defendant will have to give a written promise that they will return to court.

However, you should be aware that the judge has full latitude: the judge may release the defendant without bail, but may also raise the bail, lower the bail, leave bail the same or revoke the possibility of bail.

When the defendant is in custody and goes before the judge within three business days, they will be brought to the court from the jail with the other inmates being seen at that time. The defendant will be in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs or even “shackles” and will wait in a holding cell off to the side of the court.

After being seen by the judge, the defendant will be returned the San Mateo County jail to await updating of files. This generally takes at least a couple of hours. After updating, the defendant may be eligible for bail or not.

While waiting to see a judge may be advantageous for some defendants, people with jobs and family may be better served by bailing out.

For more information on bailing someone out of a San Mateo County jail and to help understand your options call and speak to a 24 hour bondsman at 1-650-227-3547.


Updated:  03/31/2012