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Federal Bail Bonds

If you need a federal bond in San Mateo County, Adelante Bail Bonds can help.

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State vs Federal Bail

The differences between a county or state bail bond and a federal bail bond are slight.

First, the bail bond fee for a person facing federal charges is 15%, as opposed to the 10% fee for state and county bail bonds.

Second, is the “Nebbia” hearing required for anyone facing federal charges who wants to bail out of jail.

Not all bail bond agencies will even take on a client who has been arrested for a federal crime. These types of bonds require special knowledge, and for that you must pay a higher fee. The process of completing a federal bail bond will also take longer than that of a state or county bond.

The Nebbia Hearing

If you are thinking about a federal bail bond, the court will require proof that you have enough collateral to cover the entire bail amount that is set. This is determined through a Nebbia hearing.

This type of hearing does not occur in state and county bail bond procedures. A federal case is often for more serious crimes and therefore the bail bond process must be treated more seriously.

The right bail bondsman will be able to help you prepare for the Nebbia hearing and help guide you through the entire federal bail bond process. If the court does not find that you have sufficient collateral to cover the full amount of the bond, then you will not be permitted to bail him or her out.

If the court does allow you to proceed with the bail bond, it is crucial that you are certain the person you are helping get out of jail will return to face the federal charges. If that person skips town or even leaves the country, you could face losing everything you have put up as collateral. That could include your home, your business, and your vehicles. If you aren’t positive that the defendant will go back to court, it may be best to let them remain in jail until the trial.

If you want to speak to a licensed bail bond agent about a federal bail bond for your loved one, call us at 1-650-227-3547.


Updated:  08/30/2015